Daily Dozen Boosting Breakfast (Or snack. Or supper...)

Vegan breakfast with flaxseed, tumeric and fruitWant a quick breakfast that's packed with good things? Looking for top-notch nutrition that's whole-food plant-based? Here's a simple way to kickstart your day.

If you're looking to tick four or five items off your Daily Dozen* checklist, first thing in the morning, this one's for you.
*Dr Greger's Daily Dozen info here.

My tasty, nutritious vegan, whole-food plant-based breakfast is as follows (per person):
  • 1 tbs of milled flaxseed
  • 1/4 tsp ground turmeric
  • 1 portion of fruit
  • 1 portion of rolled oats
  • Milk or water to mix
What do you mean, 'portion'?

That's it.
Really simple.

The fruit could be fresh, frozen or dried and could, of course, be anything you like. This morning's bowl (pictured) contained nectarine because that was in season. Blueberries are a particular favourite of mine too.

You can choose regular-sized porridge oats or jumbo oats. You could substitute a handful of puffed wheat, crumbled Weetabix or other high-fibre low-sugar cereal.

Obviously, you can use your preferred plant-based 'milk' in this recipe. Water serves just as well, actually.

Why not add a portion of ground almonds to increase the Daily Dozen count to five?

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