This Is The Ultimate Way To Prepare Onions

Read this post to revolutionise the way you cook dinner. This will save you some serious time. Here's how one woman made short work of onions. It all started with that ubiquitous and time-consuming recipe directive: First, caramelise an onion... By 'one woman', I do, of course, mean me. And by 'caramelise an onion' I mean that thing I seem to have to do at the beginning of every home-cooked main meal or soup. Is there any savoury dish that doesn't benefit from the initial frying of an onion? Unfortunately, peeling, chopping and carefully browning an onion takes time. It can add at least 15 minutes to the start of any cooking process. That could sometimes be enough to put me off cooking from scratch, especially if I was in a rush. Until now.

Start Here

You want to be healthier. You want to live lightly on the planet. You know that veganism - or even part-time veganism is Good. But where to start?

You've come to the right place. This article is for you.

You certainly don't want to become a malnourished, picky eater who can't eat anything. You see the vegan ready-meals in the supermarket, but you couldn't live off those - could you? (No.)

Cooking from scratch sounds daunting. (It isn't, we've got this covered.) And how the heck do you get all the right nutrients? You don't want to waste away. What about protein?

Relax. That's why this website is here.

Forget meat substitutes, weird processed spread and - heaven forbid - supermarket vegan cheese. No fake stuff and pseudo-food here!

I think it was Jamie Oliver who said, "Real food doesn't have ingredients. Real food is ingredients."

Forget (at least for now) butter, cheese, eggs and milk. Don't even try to replace them. Food preferences are only habits and habits can be altered. Begin to think in terms of your Daily Dozen (see below) and you'll soon see your mindset gently change.

If you haven't read Dr Greger's life-changing book, "How Not To Die", you might like to start there, or with his "How Not To Die Cookbook". These, essentially, explain all the science behind the Daily Dozen Checklist which, in turn, becomes your roadmap to getting all the nutrients you need to stay healthy. (You don't have to read the books though. Just get the checklist - it's even available as an app - and you're good to go.) Once you have a goal in mind (ticking off all those Daily Dozen foods) it becomes easy to make vegan choices and eat new lovely things in place of your old favourites.

This website is here to help. Here, I am sharing my experiences of cooking vegan food, from real whole-food plant-based ingredients. You will see how I make cooking from scratch work, in a busy household, without spending a fortune. You will find delicious recipes that pass muster even with the meat-eaters in my life. There are tips on the best resources and go-to ingredients. There is even cake.

Why not make a start right away, with a delicious fruity breakfast/snack?

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